Snow Pusher Loader - 18ft Low Profile


Low profile industrial constructed snow pusher is the most efficient tool for job sites with ground obstacles.

Several sizes, models and custom applications are available.

All pushers can be customized to fit your loader. Please call or email for details.

Low profile design for plowing under parked semi trailers.

Offset hook-up allows for up to 6' of reach.

Several sizes, models and custom applications are available.

The Dirt Works low profile loader snow pusher is equipped with an adjustable rubber cutting edge, which absorbs shock and resists loader blade impacts.

Available in Left Hand and Right Hand
Steel blade also available

For more details regarding our Snow Pusher attachments, or to order, please call us toll free at 1-866-205-1288.

More Information
Key Highlights

- Fast and efficient
- Ideal for soft or hard snow
- Adjustable rubber blade
- Less damaging than average plows
- Easy connect and disconnect
- New CAT Yellow
- 1-Year Warranty

Spec Details

Width - 18’
Height - 30"’
Sand Blasted, Primed & (2) Coats Poly Uruethane New CAT Yellow Paint Finish

- 3/8" x 30" x 30" Side Plates w/ Tube Reinforcement - Plow Face - 3/16" GRD 50 Plate Reinforced with 15" Struct Channel and 8" x 13.75# Channel Reinforcing Top Edge
- 60 DURO 2000 PSI
- 1 1/2" x 10" Reversible Rubber Blade
- 1" x 6" - 4140 Hard Wear Shoe (Replaceable)
- Fully Welded Construction w/ 1/4" Rear Blade Gusset Supports

Items Required
Optional Items

Preslotted Replacement Rubber Blade

Replacement Wear Shoes:
Wear Shoes - 2/set

Product Weight 2100 lbs
Pallet Weight 345 lbs
Ship Weight 2445 lbs
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